Welcome to the Nation - Cardio Drum Nation

Cardio Drumming is a unique fitness class that anyone can do! Grab a bucket, fitness ball and a pair drum sticks!

Rockout to music and prepare to sweat!

So much fun you will want to bring a friend!

Cardio Drum Nation's mission is to allow for people to see fitness in a whole new way. Yes it can be fun! Allow yourself to be free in this class. This is your time!!!

Meet the Founder and Instructor

Toree Moore

toree instructor 2.PNG

I'm so glad to be on this journey. Welcome to Cardio Drum Nation. It is just a little piece of me that I can give back to the community. My mission is to show other that exercising is important and most of all that it can be fun for all ages and fitness levels!

xoxo Toree

Cardio Drumming {Community} in  Tennessee


jan 4 nashville
jan 4 nashville

Let's talk about how amazing this group
Let's talk about how amazing this group



"Absolutely fantastic, fun and high energy class where you can go at

your own pace with the best music and the most wonderful and

supportive instructor I’ve had in a fitness class.

Toree really cares about her clients and I’m absolutely addicted to this class. ❤️"-Layna b.

"ive been to many different types of classes and zumba..but this is a pretty amazing class. loved it so much!! see ya next time!! thank u" -Danielle R.

"Cardio Drum Nation is a blast! Toree is a fun and fantastic instructor. The music is great! I highly recommend you check it out!!!​" -Sara G.

"Lots of fun and moving to great music!!" -Lisa T.

"Cardio Drumming is a blast! I have a hard time staying with a workout because I get bored. Cardio drum Nation is far from boring! I look forward to every class!" -Angela D.

"The fun! Music is great, any age can do it, the time just flies by, and the cardio workout is REAL!​" -Diane K.