My First Ever Blog Post... Here we go!

Here goes my generic blog opener. Bare with me... it must be done to continue... Hello! My name is Toree! I am 26, February Baby and from Nashville TN. I have two cats named Bella and Butler, one fiancé named Tyler and I enjoy long walks on the beach. I really do though.. I am really into fitness and nutrition. I am vegan (most of the time)… just being honest. I love to cook and I really love cardio drumming. And I own two businesses. No biggie but I plan on being big one day.

Okay! I am done with that. Wasn't too bad was it? For anyone who knows me personally or have gone to my classes... You know I am the queen of awkward. I have always had speaking problem, but as I get older I get.. I just roll with it. I've gotten this far, so I think I am doing okay. Alright, back to the blog. This will be like an outlet for me. Even though I am not a smooth talker, I can write like no ones business. I just love hearing the fierce typing noises on my key board right now. (Key in typing kitty meme) I hope for this blog to be transparent and really show case what I am about. I believe in community and bringing people together. I believe in helping others be the best that they can. I also believe while helping others I can also help myself. And there is nothing wrong with that. You feel me?

To be honest I don't know what I will write about. I guess whatever is on my mind that day. I hope that is okay with you. I feel like I got some good nuggets in this big head of mine. I need to promise myself to stay genuine. Because the best reads for me personally is that I can really hear the person's words in my head. Like they are speaking to me directly. None of that generic crap that is just trendy and EVERYONE is doing. You know? So if you hear that from let me know.

I will probably talk a lot about being vegan and active. A healthy vegan. Which, I see a lot of people out here that are vegan and they eat sooo many carbs. You cannot eat a full blown acai bowl every single day. I mean I love those things just like the next Instagram vegan. But it is just not realistic. I mean there is at least 100 grams of carbs per bowl. There is such thing as a unhealthy vegan. You still got to get that protein in too. (That's a good topic right there. I will use that later.) I will talk about how I got started on the vegan journey. I'll talk about my cats and my fiancé. I will talk about how I am juggling my 9-5 job, 2 cardio drumming classes, a nutrition business, social life and relationship. No... I do not have it all together yet, but I am trying. I am no where close to be being perfect. I have failed a lot and probably will fail so more. I am not going to have all the answers. You see more of me working through life situations instead. Just like everyone else. I want you to see a real life. I want you to see me. Hopefully, I am not boring. Otherwise, I'll just be writing to myself and that's okay. This is for me just as much as I am writing for you.

Okay, that was pretty good I think. First blog post everrrrrr! Until I see ya here next time. Have a awesome day, week, month and year!!!!!!!