Be a Vegan... why not

I am very much a why not person. I do a lot of things on a whim in my life. Why not? You never know until you try it. Way back when (like 3 years ago) I was working at Lowe's and one of my coworker's Leslie told me about a Technical school that offered a 1 year certificate program in drafting. And again I was like why not? Sure, I'll go to back to school. I really never had an urge to go to college after high school. I did briefly consider art school to major in fashion marketing. Fashion Marketing? Yeah... I'm thinking the same thing.... Well that fell through for obvious reasons. But I was just living my best life. You know young, dumb and broke.... just getting by with credit cards and working 2 retail jobs. I really wasn't inspiring to be anything. Little did Leslie know planting that seed to go back to school would change the trajectory of my life.

I went to drafting school and I actually really enjoyed it. And within a few months of graduating I found a really awesome job making about double my annual income. All based on a why not? So just go for it!

I am very much jump in with two feet and hope that I don't drown kind of girl. I put my full heart into what I do. Which, can back fire on me sometimes. But that's a WHOLE other issue I will get into some other time.

So on a why not I became vegetarian one day. I believe my last meal when I intentionally ate meat was McDonald's chicken nuggets late at night after a Drake concert. Add Sweet sour and sauce (of course). I wish there was this big long reason for why I became vegetarian. I mean I ate meat for 25 years. I still cook meat for Tyler. I really didn't have anything against meat eaters at all. For the most part I was just intrigued by the "seemingly" "easy" healthy lifestyle of plant based life. And I wanted to say I did it. My ego is coming out with this statement... I have been vegetarian since September 2018. Bam!

Being plant based can be challenging. Especially, when it comes to eating out. People don't understand why you don't eat meat. Friends, colleagues, and friends sometimes judge you right in front of your face without even knowing. When the only thing you can get at Chili's is French Fries it can be pretty discouraging. "Oh yeah, I forgot you can't eat meat..." It is not that I can't. I just choose not too. Just like someone would choose not to eat anchovies or spicy food. I CHOOSE the paths of my beautiful life. And that is okay! Cliché…psst that it what makes people different and worth getting to know.

Every once in a while I do feel isolated but at the same time I feel like I am in this really cool tribe. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the beautiful pictures of vegan food and the gorgeous people in the "vegan community." I am never going to be that cool and my pictures will never look that perfect. But I enjoy the lifestyle. Living and dreaming it...There IS work that has to go in to planning and preparing healthy meals. I enjoy knowing what I put in my body is good for me. I enjoy the challenge of finding new foods and creating new recipes that get me the protein, carbs and fats that I need. In fact, I am pretty boss at it now. My average dinner contains 30 grams of protein. Boom.

I became vegan in January of this year. Becoming vegan wasn't too hard because I was already half way there. All you have to do next is give up cheese, milk and eggs. Easy right? No problem except when it comes to cake, Thanksgiving, birthdays, when someone from work brings danishes to the break room kitchen.... Can't forget about fresh baked biscuits. With that strawberry jam... oh man.. I am really selling this aren't I? I have made some fire vegan brownies and cookies though. I do have a little bit of hope.

I had been thinking about becoming vegan since I became vegetarian. It was a relatively easy transition because I had already been a non meat eater for months. Buuut, I just couldn't give up the cheese. I don't care who you tell or who tells you... vegan cheese on pizza is not the same! Cheese was hard to give up. Ahh cheese... My Mexican restaurant experiences will never be the same.

I have been vegan since January 2019. It has been an amazing ride so far. I am loving every minute of it. I cannot wait to give you more insight on my healthy habits, veganism and fitness. Stay tuned.

Until I see you next time here on my blog... have a great day, week, month and year.